Turnkey solutions for GSM, 3G, LTE and 5G mobile network operators and connectivity for their subscribers.

We are leading SIM card providers

Our customers choose us by our experience, price and quality service.

High product availability

Prices fit our customers needs

Broad knowledge about the SIMCard market

Assembling in Latin America and Asia

SIMcrads to the world

Permanent stock for immediate delivery at the lowest logistics costs.

What make us unique?

We cover the entire value chain of the  SIMCards business, from production and homologation to product customization.


T-mob is an Argentinean based company with global reach and commercial offices in Latin America, Europe and Africa. We operate large production plants at Wuhan and Tyanyu.


We have high volume production and technical support from Argentina, Colombia, China and India. We have the international support of the world's leading semiconductor brands, with products available in all continents.


We carefully select the best packaging and shipping options along with our value proposition.


We offer the maximum experience for the latest standards, qualification services and provisioning product support.