The SIM card and its shape changes

Just as the classic “cola bottle” defined an aesthetic pattern in its silhouette, SIM cards did so in several aspects. If we look back in time, a SIM card is composed of the plug-in, which is what is inserted into the phone, and the remaining plastic is called the cardbody.


The first detail is the diagonal cut on one of the prongs on the plug-in, which refers to a computer data symbol. This cut is in the upper right corner of the plastic bordering the metal contact plate. The second detail is the overall size of the card (1FF) developed in due course by the leading credit card company, and defined as a standard norm (ISO 7810-2003) in a rectangle with rounded ends, with the sizes of 85.60mm wide and 53.98mm high, and 0.76 mm thick in PVC or ABS plastic.


The reinvention of the market and adjustments following the global quarantine resulted in an overpricing of SIM card logistics costs of up to five times their cost. This led to reinventing the way to lower air and customs logistics costs, and the maritime way was chosen.


Those who are used to, or prefer to keep air costs down, looked for a new product that would reduce everything that is not necessary. This measure seated an end to the standard card, generating  the new formats that replace the 1FF are “Half card” with a size of 42.80mm wide and 53.98mm high.


Simplifying and reducing the use of plastics is not only an excellent solution for reducing logistics costs, but also is eco-friendly and  has a positive impact on the environment. The effect of one, or several SIM cards, per subscriber generates a significant amount of waste. Nowadays, PVC and ABS plastics mixed with biodegradable materials are starting to be implemented in simcards, with less plastic material and being degradable in less time.


In order to preserve the environment, our company recollects and gives away all the ABS and PVC material that’s  left over for recycling which becomes raw material in the manufacture of pipes and electronic materials.


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