SMS box: A business that grows day by day

In T-MOB we started sending the first SMS at the beginning of 2020 with a completely developed in-house platform thanks to our software factory team. At that moment, one of our first clients was a foreign company that sent sms traffic for the entire service of Argentine users of a well-known delivery app.


As time went by, we added new functionalities to our platform and simultaneously we integrated new clients which allowed us, each month, to increase our sms traffic. Sidewise  to this, and seeing the great market opportunity, we started new relationships with partners, and mobile operators, so we could offer them more and better connections to deliver their traffic in Argentina and the world.


After a while, the business grew, we started to be competitive and known by the “big players” of the industry. Today, after two years on the road, we are still growing, sending sms messages not only in Argentina but also wide world, working with the TIER 1 players in the industry and with direct connections from different mobile operators in the region and the world.


Every day we send millions of messages from the main OTTs and global cryptocurrency and retail companies, allowing end users to receive the information they need on their cell phones on time and without delay.


Also we have added new collaborators to the team who help us manage the business end-to-end, providing better response time to our partners and customers and help us tackle new projects for banks, institutions and other companies where we can improve the customer experience through the use of SMS.


If you are interested in learning more about our business do not hesitate to contact us, we will surely find the best way to help you and adapt to your needs and those of your customers.