House Of Comics

House of Comics was born as a product of our portfolio of value-added services and acquired its autonomy thanks to the great response from users. The comics app in Spanish (and translated into several languages) is one of the favorites of our customers and every day we keep work with our team to improve the user experience.


We are aware that today much of the competition is based on the quality of the experience and that is why, in addition to continuing to incorporate new titles, features and updates, we must follow a rigorous UX process based on data and feedback from our users.


At the end of last year, we made one of the most important additions to the app: the licensing of The Walking Dead series in the Latin American market. We are currently negotiating with other major players of the comics industry to add them to our app.


In House of Comics the user can find the best digital reading experience in high resolution. It is the place where, established and independent, artists publish their most outstanding works. We currently have more than 400 titles available and two subscription plans for users.


As part of the improvements the UX team knew had to add value to a unique reading experience. That’s why House of Comics has a 100% user-configurable reader, the option to read offline, multi-screen and continuous reading that allows you to connect from different devices and pick up where you left off, among other attributes that make for a good experience.


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