Gamer Industry in Latin America

To get an idea of some numbers that the gamer industry throws only locally according to a Google study, in mobile format video games had almost 290 million players in 2021 and it is estimated that by 2024 there will be more than 325 million people playing from a smartphone. This represents a 20% increase in less than 5 years.


In monetary terms, for every 100usd that are generated by video games in Argentina, almost 74usd come from transactions made on smartphones and tablets. This gives us an indication of the potential of our company and our carrier billing vertical.


Operations are becoming larger and more complex because we are not only conducting surveys on what the audience wants, but we also comply with the requirements of the operator, the country and the product. There are many people involved in this workflow who have a common goal: to increase profitability by following strict anti-fraud, UX and regulatory standards.


With the impact of the pandemic during the years 2020 and 2021 there was a 600% increase in people who paid for online gaming services, generating an increase in the audience (Latin America is projected to have the largest increase in gamers of any region from 2015 to 2024) and, on the other hand, an increase in the users’ gaming time.


Although the gaming world takes on different forms in each country, there are two major trends that could be highlighted: On the one hand, eSports are growing, which we at TMOB have had as a star product for some years now, and on the other hand, cloud gaming technology is positioning itself without the need for gamers to own hardware.


According to our own experience, the opening of operations is becoming more and more dynamic because users and their consumption move faster than agreements. There are at least three opportunities in this context: First, building loyalty among new players to add users, something to which we have an excellent reputation as a company and to which all operators who work with us can attest. Secondly, we have to maximize the high quality mobile experiences in which we were and are pioneers because we put the user experience before any other process, and finally, to accompany the consumption of eSports in which we have been consolidated for some years when we bet on a niche that no one had seen before.


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