LTV lead generation

Many agencies offer lead generation services but few focus on LTV (lifetime value). Herein lies the fundamental difference with our team of media experts because our professionals work on a daily basis with campaigns focused only on LTV leads.


While most businesses – and agencies – are focused on conventional metrics, our team works with carrier billing on a daily basis and that allows them to have another look at lead generation. For example, while most focus on CTR and ROI for a specific campaign, our team also uses LTV, which is a key metric for determining the lifetime value a customer brings to a business.


During the first half of 2022 we conducted +400 lead generation campaigns for B2C and B2B, targeting leads for different digital services and products in more than 13 countries.


Our secret is in the planning and strategy focused on the customer journey of each customer and each product. Without this previous stage, all the subsequent implementation would be a waste of money for the client.


In some products that require a much deeper and more detailed process, we can incorporate lead scoring strategies (evaluation of leads based on their potential to become customers) and lead nurturing (sending personalized messages over time) for which we have digital methods and A2P technology.


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