"Remote work is in our DNA"

We interviewed Nicolás Lizewski, CEO and Co – Founder of TMOB who told us how they work it out through the covid 19 pandemic, and what are the company’s projections for 2022.


Nicolás Lizewski (NL): The pandemic hitted us prepared, because our company had been working remotely since its inception.

We always believed in the independence of the people who work with us and results based on objectives and goals. When we invite employees to work with us we tell this is our way because it is something that has been in our DNA since we started.


2021 was a year of much growth in the company, not only at a commercial level with the business units we had in operation, but also with those we started this year. All this growth and commercial expansion brought a 40% increase of employees working at TMOB today.


Our carrier billing and A2P business had positioned us very high in the scale of a market with great players.

We also have some business units taking their first steps and other commercial projects that are about to be set up. This allows us to be constantly active and diversify our business.


Our other goal continues to be TMCLICK growth, which is a media agency that has a great team and is currently carrying out implementations in many countries. We are planning a  huge expansion of the agency and as I like to take risks and a person who knows that the key for the business to work is to hire more collaborators, I don’t see any other way to keep growing as a company than doing that.


How are your plans for 2022?


NL: I see 2022 in a very optimistic way, where we are going to harvest many of the things we have been working on. We have projected the largest budget of the company so far and for that we have also designed an expansion plan for different countries and that fills us with pride.



We also have our Banda Invitada project that started as a bet on the void, outside our core business and today we not only have competitors but we are also about to launch the Banda Invitada business model that projects very good numbers for 2022.


I am happy to lead a company that continues to grow and has very low turnover. People who join TMOB stay, they are happy, get competitive benefits and salaries. We believe that human resources are the most important thing in a company.


Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year from the entire TMOB team!