Let's build culture together

The concept of building culture together is born from the idea and values that we carry forward in TMOB but also from the need that is imposed by the reality that we are living in the post pandemic. The concept marks the new face-to-face meeting that we will have with the whole T-MOB team the last week of June.


 A meeting that we believe necessary to see each other, interact, continue to know each other, share a few hours, a place to  continue to enhance our interpersonal relationships because we believe that all the time and in all the actions, we do build culture.


We understand day by day where the business is going and where our collaborators are going, and we try to align both paths in the best way possible. This is our true core business.


We know that working remotely has its advantages and it has always been in our DNA, since the conception of T-MOB. But it also presents us with the great challenge of being able to sustain the bonds with our collaborators in a virtual world and to co-construct values, principles, and ways of doing things that link us all together and allow us to reach our objectives.


The expansion of our company and the sustained growth we have been experiencing make us consider new scenarios. When a new employee joins us, we choose each other and we hope that their journey through the company will be the most fruitful one, where they not only add value to their position but also open doors for them to innovate, grow and develop.


T-MOB’s culture is reflected in its employees: we work freely, by objectives, as a team. We make decisions, we trust our talents, we have fun, we are transparent and we seek to continue expanding our business.


Our CEO, Nicolás Lizewski, says in our Onboarding presentation: “T-MOB’s philosophy is to make the people who work with us happy, as well as our clients”. That is where we want to go.


Alejandra Horvath

Human Capital