Best practices for safe traffic

At TMOB we designed our own software that allows us to identify the most secure means of running offers, block pubs on demand, and maintain the highest internal and external quality standards.


One of our strategic partners in our products commercial development, not only in the European market but also in Africa and Asia, is Smadex. Focusing on best practices for secure traffic, we incorporate technology that allows us to identify the publishers of each traffic provider and work exclusively with those we identify as secure.


To further develop the topic, we invited Luciano Guarnieri, Account Manager of Smadex and Mobrain within the VAS department, to give us some keys to the subject.


Smadex is the transparent DSP designed for growth. Your solution for user acquisition, branding and retargeting campaigns. We are the programmatic advertising platform of reference designed to help marketers achieve their growth objectives with total transparency. We offer self-service, managed and Whitelabel services with a great human and technological development. knowing the market and the diverse needs of each client, Smadex provides: Multidimensional reports to combine more than 350 to optimize campaigns. State-of-the-art ad technology with advanced targeting, frequency limiting and real-time reporting. An expert team in charge of analyzing each campaign and guiding its clients to success.


Smadex is a fully online DSP that offers both self-service and manager service and has a great human and technological development behind it that facilitates the purchase of traffic or the acquisition of users by joining advertisers and publishers. Smadex knows that the market and the needs of each client are diverse and dynamic, and that is why it provides tailored support throughout the entire process.


Even though nowadays, due to new technologies and the progress of the digital market, no one is exempt from fraud, Smadex works hand in hand with you to obtain safe traffic and we want to tell you which are the three keys to take into account in order to obtain it.


One of the main keys to safe traffic is transparency in the purchase of that traffic, its price, locations, CTR percentages and all the data available at the time of purchase that serve as a comparative database.


The second key that occupies a very important place in the pillars of safe traffic for Smadex and T-MOB is the synergy with which we work side by side to achieve the proposed objectives. At this point, the joint analysis of the traffic that enters the campaigns becomes crucial, being fundamental to have a good communication between all the actors involved and the speed in the resolution of conflicts.


Having all this in mind, we are in a position to affirm that the third fundamental key to have safe and anti-fraud traffic is to constantly analyze the data of the traffic entering and leaving the platform. The main metrics are compared, among others, with the average values for that market in order to obtain a point of reference and balance.


As we review above, safe traffic is, in the long run, a win-win for all players. Providing financial health and credibility for the advertiser and tending to zero claims for the operator.


To Sum up, Luciano Guarnieri explains: “In our expertise we know that when traffic is good, in the long run it is better in terms of revenue and quality of users”.


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