Music as a main Character

Banda Invitada emerges as a collaborative platform that seeks to connect musicians with venues to play live.


This tool connects artists, producers, band programmers and venue owners to set, organize and share the shows.

Shows in closed spaces return after the pandemic.

Both musicians and hosts can upload posts of who they are and do, on the platform so that other hosts or artists willing to play can apply to be selected and be part of the lineup, the best part, all this for free.


Thinking outside the box 

Although our core business is focused on A2P, VAS and Software factory, when Macoco Moreira approached us with the sketch of this creative idea, we started to shape it into a new project that little by little became the community that today is Banda Invitada.


That is the reason we believe Banda Invitada represents the spirit of the company. We challenge ourselves, we seek to innovate with ideas that make us continue to grow, to think outside the box.


We develop global business models and build alliances with the largest telecommunications companies in the world.


At T-MOB we have 3 business units: A2P large scale direct messaging on sms, VAS and software factory but Banda Invitada shows who we are as a company by taking risks on new opportunities and going all the way and beyond to explore new markets.


The result of this is Banda Invitada, a collaborative platform that connects musicians with venues to play live. The continues to grow and every day more artists want to share their talent and more hosts offer their venues on this platform and join this community. 

Banda Invitada KPIs

Keep looking forward!

The guest band team is working on the advertising plan for the shows so that more people can reach you and your music and also venues or where to play. 


During December 2020 until April 2021, due to the lower Covid restrictions in Argentina, we continued with open dates. 


During the period of May, June and July 2021 the restrictions were increased so we offered recordings for artists in 4 studios in different cities of the country: 2 in Buenos Aires, 1 in Cordoba and 1 in Salta.


For the last quarter of 2021 we expect to be back with live shows plus a live-streaming festival mix produced by Banda Invitada.


Being part of the community and all its features are free of charge.


Check out Banda Invitada ‘s reel here.